When it comes to decorating your walls with artwork, it can feel overwhelming when trying to choose the best style for your space. 

What sort of frame should I choose? Should I have a frame around my picture? Do I need glass? Should I have a boarder around my picture?

 There is a myriad of artwork choices out there that can send you down a rabbit hole if you’re not careful. 

At HomeStyled, we keep to the popular classic framing and material styles that will suit any room in your house whether you’re looking for fun and funky, abstract or purely traditional. 

We often hear people say that art is subjective and yes, most often it comes down to personal style and the look and feel you are trying to create for a space in your home or office. 

Below we outline the four styles that our customers have told us are their favourites and that work well in the spaces they have transformed by simply introducing a new art piece.


Stretched Canvas

In this artwork style, the canvas is stretched over a timber frame that sits inside the canvas that wraps around the edges. It gives the illusion of floating and is all about the picture without the distraction of a frame. A canvas material gives texture and a very contemporary look to any room in the house.


Canvas Print with a Floating Frame

This style gives greater definition to the picture itself and has a visual space between the canvas and the frame. The stretched canvas is set inside a frame, whereby the canvas itself does not sit flush with the frame, giving the illusion of the picture floating inside the frame. It gives a sophisticated and elegant look over the more relaxed style of the stretched canvas.


Bevelled-Edge Frame

This is a classic frame with timber surrounding the picture and a plexi-glass front that gives a more traditional feel. The bevelled edge allows the picture to be inset inside the frame and draws the eye in, creating a subtle shadow giving depth and dimension to the picture. This is a great option for modern and traditional combined.


Modern Frame

This style of frame allows your picture to take centre-stage and is surrounded by a boarder that is then encased in a flat timber frame, most often with glass. This type of artwork has a traditional feel to it with a minimalist look that allows the picture the full glory and affording a premium and more formal quality over the relaxed canvas styles.


When choosing your next art piece, take a step back and consider the context of your space.

Doing this will help you decide on the whether you choose the relaxed canvas styles that float or the more traditional styles that add a formal ambience to the space.